Bifold Door Blinds. Slim fit Micro Blinds – No Drilling Into Frames

Recently launched to the market specifically for Bifold Door Blinds are SlimFit Micro Blinds are specifically designed as blinds for bifold doors. The16mm headrail and 16mm micro pleated fabric fits to a slim unobtrusive guided frame that is locked into the bead of the window. Guided end caps restrain the bottom bar and prevent unwanted movement, a beneficial feature when installing on bifolding doors. The 16mm Micro fabric is offered in a range of pleated or cellular fabrics. SlimFit Micro blinds can also provide for multi-zone placements on the window meaning they can be pulled both down from the top and up from the bottom providing for privacy and height control.

SlimFit Micro Blind System are the most suitable blinds for bifold doors.  They are distinctly different to ordinary side blinds. The disadvantages to older systems is that they do not fit flush to a bifold door. They have bulky frames that do not allow the doors to open fully. Disadvantages with the stick-on blinds is that the glue degrades and the blinds fall off. The blinds also clatter against the window during use. As a budget system they also have cheap fabrics and components.


Benefits of the SlimFit Micro Blind System

  • 16mm Slim Headrail specifically designed for bifold doors.
  • Headrail colours available in White, Brown or Anthracite with co-ordinating components.
  • 16mm Micro Pleated and Cellular fabric ranges specifically designed for bifold doors.
  • Guided frame fitted to the door (not stuck on with adhesive). This fixes the blinds in place and stops them from moving or clattering against the window.
  • SlimFit Micro Blind System can be fitted to Upvc or Aluminium.
  • Neat and simple control options, eliminating unnecessary cord loops giving you peace of mind for you and safety for your family.
  • Multi-Zone blinds, which can be positioned to provide for privacy and height control.



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