Oakhurst is a specialist and pioneer in the field of pleated blinds for conservatories.

We were among the first to create shaped blinds and we developed the ‘Shapesure’ equal pleating system which was revolutionary in creating a pleated blind that would hold its shape without flattening out or having curvature on the edges of the shaped blinds. As an independent manufacturer, Oakhurst has unfettered access to world fabric markets, meaning that we can offer you an unrivalled choice.

Pleated blinds add a decorative dimension to any room. When retracted, they have the smallest of stacks and this combined with slim headrails provides a neat solution that will not restrict views or exclude light. This also makes these blinds the product of choice for bi-fold doors as they can be fitted into the recess of the window allowing you fully utilise to retract the doors fully back to open. Pleated blinds are also very versatile, they can easily be manufactured into shapes for gable ends and conservatory roofs. On conventional windows they can also be fitted to draw from the bottom up leaving just the top half of the window open, rather like a stable door. This is ideal for apartments, or properties situated above street level as it delivers the right amount of privacy.

Pleated blinds are the first choice for a conservatories. They stack neatly, they accommodate shapes well, but critically, they are available in a wide range of fabrics which combines style and beauty with the right technical attributes to ensure that they cope and last well in harsh conditions and extremes of temperature; dust and insects are simply brushed or hoovered away when they are installed horizontally.

With nearly 30 years of pioneering experience of designing, manufacturing and fitting of conservatory blinds Oakhurst is able to deliver solutions that will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations and all of this is backed up by a high level of professional service.

Innovation has always played a large part in how Oakhurst serves its customers. Uniquely, our shaped roof blinds can be fitted into the smallest of spaces and this attention to detail is an aesthetic outcome that is largely unmatched by our competitors.

Cellular, or ‘honeycombe’ blinds feature in a number of our pleated products. Their intrinsic properties are well acknowledged; they offer greater privacy, light exclusion and sound and heat insulation. Fabrics are available in dim-out and foil backed, black out options which deliver even higher levels of performance. The more cells, the greater energy and sound insulation efficiency.

One of the main advantages with the Cellular design is that the cords are threaded within the cells so there are no visible cording holes and both the wires and cords are hidden within the fabric when the blinds are drawn.

All of our pleated blinds are now child-safe, with no hanging cord loops.  The cords are integral to the blind and are operated with a tab attached to the rail.  Roof blinds can be operated via a pole or side blinds simply pushed up and down by hand.  All of our products can also be motorized.

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