Conservatory Roof Blinds are available in three ranges – pleated, pinoleum and roller blinds.  As an independent, specialist manufacturer of conservatory roof and side blinds, Oakhurst sources a large variety of fabrics and colour options across the market to ensure you are offered the right choices to suit your conservatory requirements.

Roof blinds for Conservatories, Orangeries, Sun Rooms and Glass Extensions

We are specialist manufacturers and cater for any shape or design of conservatory, including conservatories, orangeries, sun rooms and glass extensions.  All of our conservatory roof blinds are tailor-made to fit your conservatory perfectly.  A ‘one size fits all’ approach cannot be applied to a conservatory roof as every conservatory is different in its design and shape and therefore specialist measuring, manufacturing and fitting techniques have to be applied to ensure of perfect fit.

Roof Lantern Blinds

Roof Lantern Blinds are a recent addition to the glazing market and require specialist blinds and fabrics to ensure shading comfort and insulation are maintained throughout the year.  Choose either our new to the market ‘SmartZip’ Zip Roller blind or pleated blinds fitted to the base of the lantern or individually to each glass panel.

Pleated and Duette Honeycombe Thermal Control Fabrics

Pleated or Duette Honeycombe conservatory roof blinds are a self-contained unit that is corded and tensioned.  These blinds tend to be the best option for a conservatory roof as the fabric can be cut and fitted to almost any shape and will not sag.  The blinds will stay in position that you set them in, whether that is open, closed or anything in between.  Pleats are maintained with our own Shapsure, equal pleating system which means the pleats will not flatten out over time.  Fitting made-to-measure pleated conservatory blinds to your conservatory roof and sides will control heat gain and reduce light and glare, allowing you to make the best use of your space all year round. Our thermal control fabrics have a specialist coated or blackout backing that control the heat in the summer and insulate in the winter.  Choose either pleated or duette honeycombe fabrics from our extensive range of designs, colours and textures.  You really can make a design statement with conservatory blinds.

Across all colour ranges we offer a variety of fabric backings, each with a different purpose. Thermal coated or Blackout Fabric, for example, are designed specifically to keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

French Pinoleum

French Pinoleum blinds are another option for the conservatory roof, most popular for traditional wooden conservatories.  Oakhurst pinoleum conservatory roof blinds are available in either roller or roman blind format and come in a range of attractive colours.

Roof Rollers

Roof Roller Blinds are a cheaper alternative for the conservatory roof.  Oakhurst recommend Solar R fabric for thermal control effectiveness.

Pleated conservatory roof blinds

Equal pleating

Uniquely Oakhurst blinds are also equipped with our own Shapesure tm equal pleating system. This maintains the shape of the blind. It is a costly process requiring extra manufacturing time, but it delivers a superb and long-lasting product. Other manufacturers may either not fit an equal pleating system, or worse, they may just apply greater tension to flatten out the fabric and this can lead to pleats inverting over time.

Conservatory Roof Blinds Operation

Conservatory ceiling blinds / roof blinds are conveniently operated using an operating pole which we supply with each installation. The advantage to this method is that it is not necessary to have control cords for each individual blind as this can be unsightly. Alternatively, you may wish to consider remote controlled electric blinds using Somfy motors or integrate your smart home via Tahoma with your app or devices such as Alexa or Google Home.

Colour coated headrails

Oakhurst offer colour coated blind head-rails in any colour option that you choose, including all premium branded paints.

Oakhurst Blinds