Roof lantern blinds are ….the purpose made solution for roof lanterns. 

Roof lanterns have recently become very popular, however, traditional blind solutions are not always ideal simply because they have numerous support wires. These are not normally a problem with conservatory blinds, because they are fitted close to the glass. Roof lantern blinds are not normally fitted close to the glass, so they need to be made with little or no visible support wires.

Suppliers to The John Lewis Partnership for over 25 years, Oakhurst are pioneers in the design of roof lantern and we can supply you with a beautiful looking installation that will suit your home.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds are the least expensive and traditional solution for roof lantern blinds and we can supply them with a limited number of support wires. They can be fitted to each glass panel in the roof lantern, or fitted as one single blind to span the opening f the lantern.

The advantage of pleated blinds is the vast choice of fabric ranges and colours available. The fabric is tensioned and kept even by support wires and cords. Blinds can be operated either manually with a pole, or they can be motorised. The pole operated, single pleated blind, is the least expensive option. However, we would recommend that you consider motorised roof lantern blinds in all instances, as the blinds are often situated higher than with blinds fitted in a conventional conservatory. Also, with a single blind the weight of the blind may be too heavy to operate manually.

Prices quoted inclusive of all parts, labour and warranty and include VAT & Fitting

Single Roller Blind

A specialist product designed for roof lanterns. Depending on your budget and on the width and depth of the aperture of your roof lantern there are two options available.

  1. ‘Zip’ Roller Blind System – A motorised roller blind fitted with a single strip of zip welded along the length of the cloth which is simply there to retain the cloth within the surrounding channel and support the weight of the blind fabric. The fabric roll is stored within a neat, but robust cassette which conceal the mechanism.

The key advantage with this system is the complete or vast reduction in number of support wires.

The system can cater for widths up to 1.9 metres and lengths up to 2.4 metres with no visible cords or wires, after which support wires are needed to ensure that the fabric is correctly tensioned so that the fabric does not sag or ripple.

A blind that is up to 2.5 metres wide 6.0 metres long maximum will only need two wires fitted within 150mm of either edge of the blind.

A blind that is 3.0 metres wide by 6 metres long or 3.5 metres wide by 6 metres long will need just two wires at standard, even spacing between.

Very large lanterns over 3.5 metres wide and 6 metres long will require four wires evenly spaced.

We offer a selection of specialist solar protective fabrics with the ‘zip’ system. They provide protection against heat and glare during the summer and insulation during the colder months.

As with our pleated blind system as well as standard RAL 9910 White and RAL 9905 Black, you can also have the rail colour coordinated to your colour specification for small extra charge.

Mains or battery (depending on size) operated blinds.

Prices quoted inclusive of all parts, labour and warranty and include VAT & Fitting

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