Roof Roller Blinds are an alternative option for protecting your conservatory against the sun. We can make conservatory roof rollers to fit conservatory roofs, but can also can also be adapted for sides, especially with triangular shaped windows.

Solar Plus is a highly efficient material that reflects the sun’s heat during the day and insulates during the night. Hence it is popular as a choice for conservatory roof rollers.
Here are some key features of roof rollers:-

  • Simple and well designed.
  • Durable, easy to clean and maintenance free.
  • Laser cut for maximum accuracy.
  • White and Brown components available.
  • Motorisation available.

Roof Roller Blinds have always been the traditional choice for conservatory roofs. Originally made in thick, Dutch Holland cotton fabric, they are now made from more modern fabrics, such as Polyester or Acrylic. These are more durable, but they still retain the classic appearance.  Roof rollers were traditionally supported using thick metal wires and operated by means of an array of cords, pulleys and cleats. Whilst we can still supply this for the purist, a more convenient method of operation is to use electric remote control systems. These can even be linked to home automation systems. Roller blinds have come a long way since Victorian times.

One important drawback with roller blinds, when they are used for roofs, is that any dust or insects which collect on the horizontal top surface of the blind, in between cleans, can be transferred to the face side of the fabric as the blind is rolled up. This does not happen with pleated blinds because the face side never comes into contact with the reverse side. Naturally this is not a problem if your house is spotlessly clean and free from insects!

Pleated Roof Blinds have largely replaced roof rollers, now. However, pleated blinds are not quite as new as one might imagine. Many years ago we were asked to replace blinds at a very traditional building and we were surprised to discover that it had pleated blinds that were over fifty years old and made from waxed card complete with wooden headrails.

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