Tri-Shade Roller Blind – for Conservatories, Large Windows and Bi-Fold Doors

The Tri-Shade Roller Blind is an ingenious blind that incorporates three elements: 2 layers of a lightweight, sheer fabric, which is inter-layered with a fabric vane that is suspended between the two sheer layers. This gives the fabric the appearance of floating when the vanes are open. Each vane is 55mm wide.

Tri-Shade Roller Blind – Maximizing Light, Controlling Privacy

Tri-Shade Roller Blinds allow you to maximise your light and shading preferences throughout the day and evening, maintaining privacy at all times. During the day, open the sheer vanes to create a softly diffused light to your room, adjusting the vanes to temper light, filtering out glare and controlling privacy. As night falls, close the Tri-Shade Blind; the inter-layered fabric vanes merge to create a solid block of colour, allowing you the privacy you desire from the outside world and ensuring a stylish feature at your window.


Tri-Shade Roller Blind – Electric Operation

The Tri-Shade Roller Blind allows you to move the blind up and down your window or bi-fold door and has a reduced, less bulky, stack compared to a venetian blind.

Oakhurst offers the Tri-Shade Roller Blind as a motorised option only, for windows up to 2.7 metres wide and up to 2.5 metres drop.

The Somfy motor we have selected is the optimum motor for roller blinds. The wire free, Lithium Ion 12v battery operated motor is ultra-quiet, giving you maximum run time to enjoy your blinds to the fullest. Also included in the price is a 1.8m charging cable with plug to ensure you can re-charge the battery as it runs low and a Somfy remote control to operate the blind.

The Tri-Shade fabric is also similar to the Silhouette and Visage blind fabric. We believe the Tri-Shade fabric offers high performance, quality and great assortment of fabrics and colours and is ideal for Conservatory Windows, Large Window Installations and over Bi-Folding doors. The Tri-Shade fabric is housed in an aluminium roller cassette and we offer the cassette and bottom bar in White, Black, Brown and Anthracite. Click ‘View Fabrics’ to see our beautiful collection and order sample


Tri-Shade Roller Blind – Fabric Ranges

Click ‘View Fabrics’ to see our beautiful collection and order sample


A classic collection of fabric weaves and colours, that compliment most interior design styles. Finely weaved fabric vane is inter layered with sheer weave vanes to ensure a seamless transition of light diffusion when open and harmonious colour block when the vanes merge to allow for privacy and cosy feel to your room.


A central horizontal stripe design for a contemporary look to your room. Create a block of colour with this blind.


A range of neutral tones and classic fabric finishes. Similar in design to Campo. The fabric weaves for Nativo reflect an alternative choice for a design statement best suited to your interiors.


A distinctive horizontal stripe through the fabric, Borso’s distinctive translucent weave fabric will give you maximum light filtration during the day, with sophisticated privacy at nighttime.

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