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  • the new-to-the-market no-wires SMARTZip cassette roller blind system, which is specifically designed to bring out the best in roof lanterns. A wire-free solution up to 3.6m wide x 3.6m long.

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About ‘SmartZip’ Roof Lantern Roller Blind

The SmartZip roller blind system is an innovative system, in that it uses a customised roller cassette system that is tensioned to prevent sagging and with no unsightly wires spoiling the view of the lantern when the blind is open.

Installing a Zip roof lantern blind will control heat and light, reduce glare and is ideal for activities such as watching television or for working on a computer. It will also provide essential insulation during those cold snaps in the depths of winter, enabling you to enjoy your room all year round.

We are confident this product is the right solution to the tricky problem of covering a large window area and supporting a large blind for a roof lantern, where creating a no wire look is important.

‘SMARTZIP’ Lantern Blind Specifications

The fabric roll is stored within a neat but robust 90mm or 120mm cassette (depending on the size and weight of the blind), which conceals the mechanism. The motorised or battery-operated system is supported by a discreet frame within the lantern.

This ingenious blind can cater for lantern dimensions of up to 3.6 metres wide by 3.6 metres long, with no visible support wires.

This option provides a no-wires blind solution for the majority of lantern dimensions and ensures that you achieve an uncluttered look which shows the lantern at its best.

Minimal support wires for very large roof lantern blinds

Larger lanterns can be catered for with minimal support. Some wires are necessary to ensure the fabric is supported and that it does not sag during operation, or when the fabric is drawn at full length.

A blind that is over 3.0 metres wide by 6 metres long, or 3.5 metres wide by 6 metres long will need just two wires at even spacings.

Very large lanterns, over 3.5 metres wide and 6 metres long, will require four wires evenly spaced.

Colour Co-ordinated Hardware

Our system includes a cassette box and side-channelling and is available as standard in RAL 9910 (White) and RAL 9905 (Black). However, we can supply you with powder coated hardware to your colour specification, for a nominal charge.

Easy to Use

All our zip  roof lantern blinds are powered by Somfy – the acknowledged world leaders in motorised blind technology. The blind is operated by remote control by or, for the ultimate home automation convenience, via the Somfy smart home app TaHoma. As part of our service we will set the remote-control options for you free of charge.

‘SmartZip’ Roof Lantern Blinds – FAQ’s

1. The ‘SmartZip’ Roof Lantern Blind is a highly engineered and robust system developed specifically to accommodate roof lanterns.  The fabric is designed to perform in the sometimes challenging environments that a lantern has to withstand and will provide shade in the hot summer months and insulation in the winter.

2. The ‘SmartZip’ Lantern Blind should not to be confused with a standard roller or skylight blind, as these are not suitable for roof lanterns as they are not designed for larger spaces and are not supported in any way, which means they will sag if fitted on a large horizontal space like a roof lantern.  The Zip Roof Lanern Blind and Pleated Blinds fitted either to the base of the lantern or to the glass panels are the only solutions.

‘SmartZip’ – Wired-In or Battery Operated

3. We only supply ‘SmartZip’ Lantern Blind as a motorised option using Somfy motors. These benefit from a 5 year guarantee and will also allow you to integrate with Tahoma Home Automation system.

4. ‘SmartZip’ Lantern blinds over 2.0m wide by 2.4m long are not available as a battery operated option.  This is because the size and weight of the blind means that the battery motor will be unable to cope with the effort required to operated the blind and the batteries will discharge quicker and regular charging would not be viable.

‘SmartZip’ Technical

5. In considering a ‘SmartZip’ Lantern Blind you must ensure that a power supply is fitted into your lantern prior to plaster work being completed, as the blind is integrated into the lantern structure.  Retro fitting wiring can be done, but will mean either channelling the wiring over the plasterwork; re-wiring and plastering again or placing a waterproof unit on the exterior of the lantern.

6. Wiring must be installed above the blind, with the junction box installed in a convenient accessible place, in a cupboard or below the lantern.

7. If wiring is not installed already, you would be responsible for ensuring that the wiring is installed to the correct specifications.

‘SmartZip’ Specs

8. We do not offer manual or crank operated ‘SmartZip’ Lantern Blinds due to the size and weight of the blind, also because the cost savings are minimal.

9. We do not offer our blinds via a DIY option, as they are complex to install, often requiring two fitters with high levels of expertise, plus equipment for precise measuring and installation.

10. We will require confirmation in writing from your builder, or lantern installer, regarding the structure of your lantern to ensure that the ‘SmartZip’ Lantern Blind is fixed into a strong and supported part of the structure. Photographs, plans or markings on the structure would be ideal.



‘SMARTZip’ Roof Lantern Blind Systems PRICE EXAMPLESRoof lantern blinds

starting at


All prices are inclusive of fitting and VAT

Prices are approximate and for guidance only, we supply and fit lantern blinds to your own size and specification. Please contact us for an accurate quotation.

Our SMARTZip Systems are the best value lantern blinds available.

SMARTZip Wire Free Roller Systems include translucent or blackout fabric, hand held remote or wall switch, shelving, installation and Somfy motors. Everything is covered by our 5 Year Gurantee which is included in the price.

Wire Free Roller Systems

Price examples:-

2000 x 2000mm – £2,695
1500 x 3000mm – £2,915
2500 x 2400mm – £3,480
3000 x 3000mm – £4,362
3000 x 3600mm – £4,995

Heavy Duty Roller Systems

Price examples:-

2000 x 4000mm – £4,300
2500 x 4500mm – £4,800
3000 x 4000mm – £4,800
3500 x 5000mm – £5,550
3000 x 6000mm – £5,790

Please contact us for a quote
All prices quoted are inclusive of fitting and VAT


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