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A seamless integration between garden and the interior.

Bi-Fold Doors and Sliding Doors

Bi-fold doors and sliding doors are fast becoming the product of choice because they allow the maximum levels of light to enter your home. These windows/doors are ideal for home owners who want to turn their outside space into another usable room.

Built to fold and stack neatly to one or both sides of an aperture when open, bi-fold doors allow a seamless integration between garden and the interior.

A popular alternative is the sliding door.  These large windows slide against each other, allowing for a section of the window to be open at any one time.

Homeowners like to personalise their fixtures and fittings to match the style of their home. The bi-fold door or sliding door is highly customisable allowing for a wide range of colours, trims and glass types to suit everybody’s needs.

Although created to produce maximum light into the room, these very large window spaces can feel less cosy as the night draws in or during the winter when the view to the outside appears just ‘too black’ and therefore the space lacks privacy and so a window covering is required.

The issue with a bi-fold door or sliding door is what window covering is suitable.  Curtains or Blinds?  Curtains across the window space of the door are essentially doing the opposite of what the large window was intended for.  The bulk of the fabric and the track distract from the beauty of the window.  Blinds are less obtrusive but depend on the type of blind that is suitable for covering a bi-fold door or sliding door, that will allow you maximum shading, privacy and flexibility of opening and closing your doors.

Having researched the market carefully, we offer Intu SlimFit 16mm Micro pleated and honeycombe blinds that are fitted to the bead of the glass and do not negate the manufacturers warranty.

For bi-fold doors and sliding doors we recommend Allusion Blinds; Vision Blinds and Tri-Shade Blinds which fit neatly over the doors and allow for maximum light filtration and use of the doors.

Oakhurst Intu ‘SlimFit’ blinds

Designed specifically for bi-fold doors, the addition of Oakhurst ‘SlimFit’ blinds offers heat & light control, added privacy, security and insulation giving a feeling of cosiness at night time and in the darker winter months.  The 16mm micro rail and fabric mean that you minimise the stack of the fabric and so when the blinds are drawn up you see the beauty of the whole door plus you can easily open and close the door to its maximum width.  This is the only solution if you wish to extend the bi-fold door fully open.  Go to our page blinds for bi-fold doors.

Oakhurst Window Blinds for bi-fold door and sliding doors

To allow for maximum usage of your sliding door and as an alternative to the Intu Slimfit Bi-fold door blind, we recommend Allusion Blinds, Vision Blinds and Tri-Shade Blinds.  Go to our pages at Window Blinds for more information and full fabric swatch ranges.


Market leaders

Oakhurst Blinds are market leaders in blinds for bi-fold doors. For more information please visit our Bifold Doors page or for an in-depth report on what makes us different from our competitors please read our Blog Post on the subject.

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