Full Height Plantation Shutters from £250/m2

As the name suggest, Full Height Plantation Shutters cover the whole height of the window, boarded by framing around the shutter panels. It’s a simple, yet elegant style that works on any window, but gives a real wow factor and dramatic finish to French or patio doors or tall windows.

Full Height Plantation Shutters are a popular design style as they are versatile and compatible with most windows. Full Height Plantation Shutters are popular and suitable for any room in the house, allowing you to achieve a consistent look throughout the entire home.

For taller windows, Full Height Plantation Shutters can include a horizontal midrail dividing the control of the slats above and below the midrail. This gives more control of the light control; you can close the slat below the midrail for privacy and leave the slats above the midrail open for light (or vice versa).

A Full Height Plantation Shutters is ideal for privacy control and maximising the amount of light with closed shutters. This way, you can control the light according to your needs. And because full-height shutters cover the entire window and open as one unit, they create a clean and simple look. Full-height shutters can also look good as room dividers.

Commonly the design that is used across a standard window, with two panels would be used open like a pair of cupboard doors (one to the left and one to the right) or bifolding panels. The number of panels can change depending on the size of your window and the design you like. This can be discussed during a site survey.

Advantages of Full Height Plantation Shutter:

  • Best suited to the widest range of window types
  • Separate light control above and below the midrail
  • Minimal panelling around the slats
  • Sturdy and simple design
  • Versatile for all room types
  • Available in all materials
  • Great for insulation
  • Great for privacy
  • Great for noise control
  • Can be used as an alternative to traditional conservatory blinds

Full Height shutters are best suited for:
French or patio doors and tall windows. Flexible though for adapting to any window.

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