Blinds for Bi-Fold Doors

Bifold Door Blinds Kitchen

What are the blind options for bi-fold doors With the development of the home extension, bi-fold doors have become an integral part of home improvement living, creating an atmosphere where natural light floods into the house and bringing the inside/outside feel to the house. Bi-fold doors are a great addition to the glazing choices available […]

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How we shop, the future

High street retail has had a tough time in recent years, what with the burgeoning growth in internet ‘shopping’ and the use of the smartphones and other digital devices such as Alexa and Google Home Hub. People have quickly accepted emerging technology that enhances their living and leisure pursuits. ‘In-home leisure’ being an increasingly popular […]

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What makes Oakhurst Blinds unique…

Oakhurst is a pioneer and leading designer in the development of products specifically created for the complex shapes and angles found within conservatories and the more recent emerging designs of lantern, orangery, glass extension or gable-end windows. Our 25 years, plus of experience has led us to conclude that pleated or honeycomb fabrics are the […]

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Roof Lantern Blinds

The conservatory in its traditional form is dead, or so they say!  The glazing industry has evolved now and with TV programmes such as Grand Designs, showcasing ever more ingenious glazing structures to compliment listed buildings or new structures for contemporary houses, these newer designs have broadened out into the wider market.  Homeowners are now […]

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Oakhurst Blinds