A contemporary twist on a classic design

Orangery blinds

In the 17th to the 19th centuries orangeries were symbols of prestige and wealth used for over wintering citrus trees.

Today the term ‘Orangery’ is now often used to describe a glazed building which differs from a typical conservatory by its design and construction. A well designed orangery usually follows the ‘Classical Orders of Architecture’, which determines the scale and proportion of the individual elements – such as entablature depth, column widths and heights, fenestration, and glazing detail… all in relation to one other.

These fine structures are the ultimate conservatory – a home extension that lets the outside in.

Blinds for privacy

While this modern innovation creates an exciting and open living space, the addition of quality blinds is essential if you are seeking a degree of privacy and intimacy.

Made to measure blinds to fit your glazed roof and sides will control heat gain and reduce light and glare. This is crucial if you want to utilise your room all year round, especially for activities such as watching television or for working on a computer.

Pinoleum Blinds look beautiful in orangeries.  Their cool, dappled effect adds to the ambience of the orangery and allows for adaptable shading.  If you orangery is south facing and you are having issues with excessive heat in the summer months, you may want to consider pleated conservatory blinds for the roof and sidesPleated blinds all come with a thermal backing that absorbs the heat in the summer and insulates the orangery during the colder winter months.

Blinds for warmth

Blinds with a reflective coating are effective at reducing any build-up of heat in a glazed room, but will not block out too much light, leaving your room with a light and airy feel to it. As temperatures rise throughout the day, conservatory blinds serve as the primary method for effectively controlling solar gain (rising temperatures) within the space and they succeed where air conditioning does not.

Conservatory blinds provide all year round temperature control by reducing the heat in the summer and insulating the space during the winter. Additionally, they provide privacy when it is dark and they also noticeably boost light level by giving a reflective surface for the lighting that you have installed – something that is not often considered.

Remote Control blinds

Oakhurst conservatory roof blinds can be controlled either manually, with a wand, or by a motorised system. For greater convenience, our Somfy remote control systems provide the perfect solution and maximum controllability. Our blinds do not feature unsightly cords or pulleys and they fully comply with recently introduced child safety standards.

As an independent company, Oakhurst has access to all fabric suppliers in the market. This means that our customers have an unlimited choice of fabrics and styles from which to choose. Pleated blinds, as well as controlling heat, light and privacy levels, also offer an excellent opportunity for you to be creative in enhancing the decorative feel of the room, adding a greater sophistication and tone to the overall appearance.

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