Café Style Plantation Shutters – from £250 m/2

Café Style Plantation Shutters cover only part of the height of the window; they are situated at the bottom half of the window and don’t go the whole way up. Sitting in a 3-sided frame, on either side of the shutters and the bottom of your window, these shutters are perfect for a window where you would like some additional privacy but without covering the entire window.

You can always rotate the slats to increase the light even further. When you fold the panels open, the framing allows for no evidence of framing to run across your windows. Café Style shutters are perfect for street facing communal rooms, they are the ideal solution to add some discretion when considering the room.

Café Style Plantation Shutters are generally not suitable for bedrooms as the top half of the window is uncovered, with lots of light coming through and reduced privacy.  However, they can be a suitable alternative to traditional conservatory blinds.

Advantages of Café Style Plantation Shutters:

  • Half coverage on your windows
  • Useful to Ground Floor Rooms
  • 3-sided Framing
  • Maximum light travels through
  • Cheaper than full height shutters and they let in more light
  • Provide privacy in urban areas.

Because they only cover the bottom half of a window, café-style plantation shutters are a cost-effective solution. They create privacy at the lower level, while letting lots of lovely daylight flood in through the top. They have a stylish, continental feel that looks great in kitchens and living areas, and which can work well when layered with other types of window dressings, such as curtains and Roman blinds. Café style plantation shutters are more a decorative feature than full height shutters as they provide less draught proofing than full height shutters.

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