Below are a number of FAQ’s that you may find useful. Just click on the appropriate question below to be taken to the corresponding answer:

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, please contact Oakhurst by clicking here.

Oakhurst offer a full service. We offer a free home consultation to help evaluate your needs. We demonstrate the products, take measurements and offer a no-obligation price at consultation.
When an order is placed we will manufacture the blinds and then install them at a time convenient to you.

We can work with all sizes and styles of domestic conservatories.  The move towards modern glazing installs such as roof lanterns, orangeries and glazed extensions suits pleated blinds in particular because of the adaptability of the fabric to the difficult shapes and sizes that these installs require.  Other new glazing innovations recently added to the glazing market include bi-fold doors, skylights, large atrium windows and large window expanses which we have expertise in fitting our blinds to the narrower beading recess which provide shading directly to the window enabling you to utilize the windows and blinds as one unit.

Oakhurst can supply a Thermal Control fabric laminated with aluminium foil, the performance of which is the best available on the market and consequently it has been achieving excellent results for our customers for over 25 years.

As part of our consultation service we can supply you with a large sample of fabric free of charge. When this is taped against one of the windows involved the benefits should become evident.

All of the fabrics that we supply reduce the light in the conservatory to a comfortable level.

We will review this question with you in detail at the consultation. All conservatories and locations differ and it is important that we recommend a fabric that offers the correct balance between heat and glare exclusion and sufficient ambient light being maintained.

Oakhurst supply all types of blinds and we will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of each type available on today’s market including solar film and inserts for polycarbonate roofs.

Our products are guaranteed for 5 years and a full after-sales service is available up to 10 years.

All roof blind fabrics recommended by Oakhurst have a coated backing that will protect the fabric against dust and insects.


Once a request for a consultation is received one of our managers will try to contact you within 24 hours. If we are unable to do so we will keep trying, supplying us with full contact information will help us in this task. Consultations take place in your home at a time to suit you and can normally happen within two weeks or sooner of the request being made.
At the consultation we will normally be able to offer you a price and issue you with an offer letter.

Fabric samples requests:-

Samples are normally sent out by first class post on the day of request. Samples of the main ranges are held in stock and are usually given at the site visit. Other ranges including roller blind and pinoleum fabrics have to be obtained from the manufacturer and take longer. Most samples however are given to customers during the home consultation.


Upon receipt of a signed acceptance of the offer, blinds are manufactured and a fitting date is then offered to you which is normally within 4 – 6 weeks during our peak season and less time during our quieter months, of the acceptance being received by Oakhurst.

Naturally, this depends on how the blinds are looked after and in what conditions they are required to operate. A recent survey indicated that 96% of our original blinds installed over 10 years ago are still in situ and working perfectly. The remaining 4% were changed due to nicotine damage from smoking, change of colour scheme, damage due to leaks from a defective conservatory and damage by tenants. Regular servicing will prolong the life of the blinds and we support the servicing and repair of your blinds up to 10 years.

Conservatory manufacturers have an obligation to supply constructions that are capable of having blinds fitted to them by standards accepted within the blinds industry, especially in cases where the room is unusable without blinds. Please ask if you would like further clarification on this point.

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