Blinds for your conservatory

A conservatory is a home extension that lets the outside in, creating a light and open living space. However, the addition of quality blinds is essential if you are seeking a degree of privacy and intimacy at the same time as getting the most out of your conservatory space.

Controlling radiated heat is the most important consideration as convected heat is normally dispersed by the conservatory’s own ‘trickle vents’. Made to measure conservatory blinds to fit your glazed roof and sides will control heat gain and reduce light and glare. This is crucial if you want to utilise your room all year round, especially for activities such as watching television or for working on a computer.

There is a range of fabric backings available and each has a different purpose. Thermal coated or Blackout Fabric, for instance, is designed  to keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Wide range of styles

Pleated roof blinds are a self contained unit that is corded and tensioned, this means that the blinds do not sag and that they stay in the position that you put them whether that is open, closed or anything in between. Pleated Blinds offer almost endless options to your interior design consideration as we offer an unparrelled offering of fabric colours and styles anywhere in the blinds market. We are an independent company that is free to choose the best selection of fabrics, styles and colours that the market offers. Pinoleum Blinds and Roof Roller Blinds are also alternative options you may want to consider for your conservatory.

We offer pleated side blinds to match your roof blinds or you can select louvre, perfect fit, roller, roman, vertical, venetian and wood-slat blinds for conservatory sides. Choose from our extensive range of colours and fabrics.

The conservatory blinds are conveniently operated using the operating pole which we supply with each installation. The advantage to this method is that it is not necessary to have control cords for each individual blind as this can be unsightly.

Remote Control Blinds

You may also want to consider Remote Controlled electric blinds which enable you to control your blinds from the comfort of your seat. We offer ‘state of the art’ Somfy controls and motors. You can choose either electric blinds installed to your power circuit or battery operated controlled either by remote control or app on your smartphone or tablet.

Remote control conservatory blinds

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