What makes Oakhurst Blinds unique…

Oakhurst is a pioneer and leading designer in the development of products specifically created for the complex shapes and angles found within conservatories and the more recent emerging designs of lantern, orangery, glass extension or gable-end windows. Our 25 years, plus of experience has led us to conclude that pleated or honeycomb fabrics are the most suitable for conservatories. However, the manufacturing process is complex and labour intensive. Each conservatory has different shapes and dimensions requiring bespoke, hand-made products that cannot be made by an automated manufacturing process. This means that there are no cheap solutions.

As true specialists, we cater for conservatories and other structures that present challenging designs, most of which were never designed to have blinds fitted to them. We provide solutions and enhanced design detail that many of our competitors do not offer.

  • Oakhurst solely manufactures conservatory blinds we are one of only a couple of independent specialists that provide the entire service of sales, manufacture and installation. Buy from us and you are buying directly from a pioneering, specialist manufacturer.
  • We do not simplify or cheapen products to satisfy a sales strategy or a corporate profit strategy. Our starting point is to ensure our products are fit for purpose. We would rather over-engineer than risk failures and call-backs. This is to your advantage as well as ours.
  • Oakhurst is an independent, family run and owned business, we are not tied to any suppliers or parent companies. This means that we can offer an unrivalled selection of fabrics.
  • For more than 25 years we have been suppliers to high street retail outlets large and small.
  • Our sales managers, fitters and product designers are some of the most experienced in the industry.
  • We do not participate in pressure selling techniques or strategies. We do not use commission only staff. We simply offer products that are effective and which will earn us a good reputation.
  • Not all conservatories are white. Oakhurst offers a powder coating service for blind hardware and we can match almost any colour.
  • Our products are covered by a free 5 year guarantee. Peace of mind is part of what we offer.
  • Comprehensive after-sales servicing. This helps to extend the life of the product.
  • Our motorized blinds are fitted with high quality Somfy motors. These are specifically made for blinds and are quiet and efficient. Operation is either by remote control, app or home automation, individually or in groups.

When choosing blinds there is more than just price to consider – you need a product that delivers and exceeds expectations. Choosing conservatory blinds can be a labyrinthine process, but we hope that this article will assist you in navigating your way to the right choice.

Oakhurst Blinds