Conservatory side blinds

The advantages to having conservatory side blinds are numerous. Here’s what you can expect them to do..

  • Provide privacy – full or partial
  • Reduce uncomfortable glare
  • Protect furniture from sun damage
  • Control heat build up in the summer
  • Provide heat insulation in the winter
  • Improve security
  • Create a softer, more decorated feel
  • On dark nights they provide a reflective surface, this means that when lighting struggles to light a conservatory, with light escaping through the window and out into the darkness, blinds reflect and light up the room with warm tones. The effect is very noticeable and welcome.

The system solutions are numerous too..

  • Pleated
  • Roller
  • Pinoleum
  • Verticals
  • Venetians
  • Panel
  • Romans

Priorities differ from one conservatory to another. To help you to make an evaluation, we offer a nationwide, FREE home consultation service. This will help you to chose the correct product to suit your specific requirements. At this consultation we will either leave fabric sample swatches with you, or we will arrange to have them sent to you.

As an independent supplier, Oakhurst is able to offer you a vast range of fabrics.

Remote control blinds.  There are motorised options for many of our products. We offer high specification systems that are designed to last; not to be confused with cheaper products that also lack a range of control options

Conservatory side blindsOakhurst is a market leader in the manufacture of pleated conservatory blinds – the ideal solution for side blinds. Pleated blinds are easy to manoeuvre and will accommodate the most demanding of conservatory designs. They are also recommended as an energy insulation device, one which helps to keep your conservatory cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Silent Gliss

Oakhurst offers Silent Gliss systems and fabrics, the leading supplier of motorised and manual blind systems.
The Silent Gliss premium systems are especially good at providing solutions for glazing problems, where the glass area is either too large; or there are awkward shapes or angles; or the glazing is fixed to narrow fixings as in the case of glass extensions.

You have a number of options to choose from in order to get the perfect blind for your window:

  • Style – roller, roman, venetian, vertical or panel glide
  • Fabric – sheer, screen, shade or dim-out
  • Fixing – to the wall or ceiling
  • Customising – using colour and trims

Colour coated headrails

Oakhurst offer colour coated blind head-rails in any colour option that you choose, including all premium branded paints.

Oakhurst Blinds