Oakhurst offers Silent Gliss systems and fabrics, the leading supplier of motorised and manual blind systems.

The Silent Gliss premium systems are especially good at providing solutions for glazing problems, where the glass area is either too large; or there are awkward shapes or angles; or the glazing is fixed to narrow fixings as in the case of glass extensions.

You have a number of options to choose from in order to get the perfect blind for your window:

  • Style – roller, roman, venetian, vertical or panel glide
  • Fabric – sheer, screen, shade or dim-out
  • Fixing – to the wall or ceiling
  • Customising – using colour and trims

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a simple way to shade a window, with clean lines complement modern and traditional styles. A single sheet of fabric covers the window and is retracted on a roll when the blind is open; choose from a wide fabric range in plains or patterns, and in an array of colours.
Silent Gliss roller blinds can be pull, chain or electrically operated. The compact elements to the hardware ensure any light gaps around the fabric are kept to a minimum.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds use soft fabrics to hang in even folds. Styles can range from ‘soft-fold’ which gives a more traditional appearance, to ‘hard-fold’ which is a more contemporary look.
Silent Gliss offers a range of systems to suit specific needs depending on the size and location of the blind. They can be cord, chain or electrically operated. You can also opt for a system contained within a discreet headrail, so that the operational elements of the blind are invisible.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds offer excellent light control characteristics. Simple adjustment of the slats will affect the level of light and glare allowed into a room.
Silent Gliss Venetian blinds are available with both aluminium and wood slats. The slat sizes vary from 15mm to 50mm, and are available in over 30 wood finishes or 70 aluminium colours. Some slats are textured or mirrored, and there’s also a range of thermo-coated slats which give better heat control in a room.
As with all Silent Gliss blind systems, you can choose from cord, chain or electrical operation.

Vertical Blinds

Perfect for floor to ceiling applications or smaller installations, inside or outside recess. A very contemporary look – especially with narrower 89mm louvres.

A system is available for bent as well as sloping windows. Choose from cord, chain or electrical operated.

Panel Blinds

A unique dimension to window treatments – perfect for the popular extensive glazed areas of modern architecture. Choose between flat and folding panels, straight or curved tracks (Panel Glide, Panel Fold, Panel Flex).
Panels are easy to remove for cleaning.
Since the systems look as attractive from the back as from the front, they can be used also as visual room dividers, (ceiling fixing recommended).

Skylight Shading Systems

The current demand for large glazed areas and wintergardens continues as architects and clients see the value of having bright, open living spaces that interface with the outside world while allowing dramatic design for modern living. The advantages are obvious though the disadvantages can seem difficult to manage in terms of heat (solar gain), light, lack of privacy and glare. Striking building desing can present inaccessible or awkward shapes and Silent Gliss systems make it easy to attenuate these.

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