Roof Lantern Blinds – Tailor Made Systems

Our ‘no-wires’ SmartZip’ Zip Cassette Roller Blind has been specially developed for Roof Lanterns and allows you uninterrupted views, with no support wires visible.

Alternatively, pleated blinds fitted to the base of the lantern are a cost effective solution or pleated blinds fitted to each panel give you flexibility in operating the blinds as the sun passes over.

All systems use Somfy motors and controls and come with a 5 year guarantee.

Zip Roller Blind – ‘Smartzip’

Our ‘SmartZip’ Cassette Roller Blind is a neat way to cover your glazing without having visible wires across the gap. Suitable for a wide range roof sizes, our horizontal roller blinds use a ‘zip’-like system to move across the space without any support wires up to lantern sizes 3.6m wide x 3.6m long.

The ‘SmartZip’ blind is available with a range of ‘Somfy’ remote control options, including full integration with our Smart Blind systems.  Not to be confused with a standard roller blind, the ‘SmartZip’ blind has been specifically developed for roof lanterns.  This sophisticated system has been cleverly designed to ensure that all wires and cords are integrated into the system so that you can appreciate the full beauty of the glass area, rather than see operating wires.  The ‘SmartZip’ blind can cover roof lantern spaces up to 3.6m wide x 3.6m long without seeing a single wire.



Pleated & Duette Honeycombe Blinds

A blind fitted to the base of the lantern.  Manufactured in honeycombe/duette fabric.  Will span as one blind, ‘wire free’ up to 1.8m wide by 2.m long.  The value option.

For a traditional roof lantern with assorted windows, you may want to consider individual blinds fitted to each glass panel.  This will allow flexibility of opening and closing the blinds as required and as the sun goes east to west.

Pleated or Duette Honeycombe blinds are the ideal option if you do not have wiring already installed into your lantern as the blinds can be fitted with Somfy motors with lithium-ion batteries that are re-chargeable.



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